Many myths have surfaced over the years surrounding Hypnosis. Many have incorrect thinking in regards to hypnosis. In the following I am going to correct several of these misconceptions about hypnosis. First, hypnosis is a totally natural state that you have experienced many times in the past without even being aware of it. If you have ever been so absorbed in a book or movie that you weren't even aware of someone entering the room until they tapped you on the shoulder at which point you nearly put a new hole in the ceiling you were experiencing hypnosis. It is a completely natural state that you pass through at least twice a day as you go to sleep and wake up.

Here are some more MYTHS.

M ust be like on TV & the Movies.

On TV and in the movies we see an all powerful Svengali who has but to look into your eyes and you are instantly under his control. He swings his watch back and forth and you are in trance. You do all that he orders you to do and you have no control.

Hogwash. Movie and TV producers once again using their talents to mislead the public into their world of fantasy. The fact is that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. The Hypnotist is just a facilitator. You actually hypnotise yourself. You are free at anytime to come out of trance by simply opening your eyes. You are always fully in control.

Y ou can't hypnotize me.

If you wish to challenge the hypnotist to prove he can't then you will be 100% correct. Hypnosis is a cooperation between the Hypnotist and the one being hypnotised. If you don't want to be you won't be.

The other misconception is that you are too smart to be hypnotised as only a weak minded moron would allow themselves to be controlled. In reality the truth is quite the opposite. Strong minded people of average or above average intelligence are the easiest to hypnotise. You must be capable of concentrated focus to go into trance. Everyone except those with mental deficiency or those under the influence of drugs or alcohol can't be hypnotised.

T ell all my secrets.

People seem to equate Hypnosis with Sodium Barbitol the truth serum. The reality is that the person hypnotised is not asleep or unaware of what is happening around them. They are just as capable of telling a lie or withholding their secrets as you are. If you won't tell your secrets to the person sitting next to you, you won't blab them on stage during the show.

H ave total amnesia (blackout).

Once again the person that is 'hypnotised' is just as aware and alert (if not more so) than the people sitting in the audience. He hears everything being said (if he couldn't he wouldn't respond to suggestions) and knows what is happening around him. He is just so relaxed and comfortable that he doesn't care.

It is totally up to that person whether they remember what happened. It can also be suggestions by the Hypnotist such as you won't remember what happened tonight in which case they may or may not remember. It is entirely up to the individual as you always have control to accept or reject any suggestion given.

S tay Hypnotized.

It is a medical and physical impossibility. In over 300 years of recorded medical history no such person has ever remained stuck in a trance. If you were left alone and the Hypnotist were to stop interacting with you in about 10 minutes you would simply slip off into normal sleep. In about an hour you would wake up totally refreshed and feeling great.

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