To: Planners Looking For A Fun Memorable Company Christmas Party
From: Blake Andrews CSH, CMSA

Discover How This Years Company Christmas Party Will Be The Event They Will Talk About And Thank You For Again And Again - GUARANTEED

Hi, I'm Blake Andrews and I'm a Certified Stage Hypnotist. I'm glad to see you stopped by as you could be one of my next STARS. You could be, that is, if you invite me to entertain at this years Company Christmas Party.

When you want unique, fun and interactive entertainment, there is nothing better to fill the bill than a Comedy Hypnosis Show. The Blake Andrews Comedy Hypnosis Show is guaranteed to be the Fun, Safe, Clean Comedy Hypnosis Show they'll be talking about for months to come. Hypnosis Shows are audience participation to the max. Your coworkers will be the Stars of the Show and will be thanking you for it for a long time to come.

I produce a safe, clean and fun show. One that is guaranteed not to offend anyone. Being a purely audience participation show it is very flexible and can be customized to the needs and desires of the client. If you have special skits or certain company personnel that you want to be included in the Hypnosis Show, let us know in advance and I'm sure we can customize it around your special requests.

In the pursuit of safety I always work with an assistant. My wife helps make the show run more smoothly and can help keep an eye out for mishaps to avoid them before they happen. A single person running a Hypnosis Show has too many things to try to keep track of to do a good job at everything. Safety is our number one concern and has always been our number one concern. Another important point to remember, unlike a lot of entertainers, we maintain a $2,000,000.00 liability policy to cover any unforseens. We have never had to use it, but better safe than sorry.

Our show is fun for all. For instance, just as an example . . .

Imagine discovering that Britney Spears or Ricky Martin actually work at your company or having a special appearance by The Village People. Show participants may even embark on a cruise on the Love Boat or paddle their canoes onto Gilligans Island. There will be great fun had by all when they try out their brand new Maxwell Smart Shoe Phones or when Joe realizes his name is actually Bob, no Murray, no Natalie or any other new name he hears the Hypnotist say.

Of course everyone will be safely returned to the same state of mind they were in when they came to the show at the end. You won't believe the amazing endorsement they give the Hypnotist when the show ends. Ask them what they thought of the Blake Andrews Comedy Hypnosis Show after they return to their seats and they will likely tell you his is the best show they have ever seen. This was all from suggestions from Blake Andrews of course. The mind is an amazing place to explore and it produces great fun that is guaranteed not to embarass anyone.

If you are looking for a memorable event that everyone will enjoy and that they will want back next year then we know we can provide the services you need. To check availability of your date just use the booking form. I look forward to helping you create the best and most fun event you have ever had. My goal is always to leave you receiving accolades for making the right decision.

Remember 'It's more fun than you can imagine'.

Blake Andrews

P.S. If you just can't wait and can't reach me on my main line, my cell phone is (903) 399-2793.